Sediment-hosted stratiform copper

SSC deposits worldwide rank second only to porphyry copper deposits in terms of copper production, and they represent the most important global source of cobalt. Together, SSC deposits account for some 23 percent of the world’s Cu production and known reserves, as well as being significant sources of Co and Ag. Small SSC deposits of various ages are commonplace, but large sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits are rare. Within the supergiant grouping, three evaporitic basins, that contain enormous Cu deposits, dominate (>24 million metric tons -Mt), they are; 1) the Permian Basin Kupferschiefer of central Europe, 2) the Neoproterozoic Katangan Basin in central Africa, and 3) the Paleoproterozoic Kodaro-Udokan in Siberia (Warren, 2016, Chapter 15). Ore hosts in this group of supergiant deposits span lithologies that range from carbonates to siliciclastics, and all the larger accumulations are associated with halokinetic evaporites or their residues.


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