Metals - low and high temperature brine


A selection of metalliferous ore deposit provinces where formation is tied to the presence of hypersaline brines and/or evaporites (in part after Kirkham, 2001). Positions of the world’s larger halite-dominated basins are plotted as orange-coloured areas, anhydrite-dominated as green.

Most subsurface evaporites ultimately dissolve and, through their ongoing dissolution and alteration, can create conditions suitable for metal enrichment and entrapment in subsurface settings ranging from the burial diagenetic through to the metamorphic and igneous realms. Within this framework, this section explores relationships between evaporites and ore deposits, where ore is defined as a mineral, or an aggregate of minerals, from which a valuable constituent, especially a metal, can be profitably mined or extracted. It emphasises the significance of dissolving and altering evaporites in a range of ore deposits formed in the lower and higher temperature realms.


Galena, Cadjebut Australia

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