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From the upcoming online course: Sedimentary Copper in Saline Systems (available 3rd quarter 2024)

Chapter 11.4.1. Domes Region, Zambia: What happens to halite in the greenschist realm and beyond

From Dolomites and dolomitisation 

Chapter 2.1 The dolomite problem

View dolomite & dolomitisation (with free previews)
From Dolomites and dolomitisation 

Chapter 6.1 Burial and hydrothermal dolomites

View dolomite & dolomitisation (with free previews)
From Lithium from Brine 

Chapter 1.1 What is lithium and why is it important?

View the lithium course (with free previews)
From Understanding Potash - Brine and solid ore sources
Chapter 1.1: Potash mineralogy and an explanation of the K2O standard
View the potash course (with free previews)
From Salt Tectonics 

Chapter 9.1 Salt Tectonics - The overview

View the salt tectonics course (with free previews)
From Mesohaline source rocks:Modern and ancient
Chapter 5: Ancient mesohaline source rocks - No same-scale modern counterparts
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