Metals and salts

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Sediment-hosted stratiform copper (SSC)

These deposits rank second only to porphyry copper deposits in terms of production and are the prime global source of cobalt. Locally, most of these deposits are stratabound (confined to a particular stratum), and are more or less concordant or peneconcordant, either with saline beds, or with the edge of a halokinetic salt mass or its residues.


         Code #    Topic

  • 2325.01     Low temperature Cu carriers
  • 2325.02     Giant bedded SSC ore deposits
  • 2325.03     Giant halokinetic SSC ore deposits
  • 2325.04     Textures that show a "salty" genesis
  • 2325.05     An improved understanding of the
                       copper-redbed association

Salt anticline fluid focus

Lead and Zinc

Many of the larger carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposits within the MVT and SedEx groups of deposits are associated with salt-sourced hypersaline ore fluids.


They tie to dissolving halokinetic salt supplying and focusing metalliferous Cl-rich waters. Precipitation sites are typically former platform sulfate levels that altered in burial, (BSR or TSR).


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  • 2350.01     Low T Pb & Zn carriers
  • 2350.02     Evaporitic MVT deposits
  • 2350.03     Evaporitic SedEx deposits
  • 2350.04     Base metals & diagenesis
  • 2350.05     Predictive model and textures for        
                       such saline PB and ZN geosystems

Galena ore, Cadjebut Mine

High temperature saline ores

Metalliferous fluid indicators and ore deposits due to direct and indirect interactions between magma, evaporites, and their hydrothermal and metamorphic daughters, are neither well documented, nor well understood.


Mostly, this is because little or no actual salt remains once these high-temperature inter-actions run their course.




         Code #    Topic

  • 2375.01     High-temperature saline systems
  • 2375.02     Meta-evaporite gems
  • 2375.03     Orthomagmatic ores
  • 2375.04     Paramagmatic ores
  • 2375.05     How to relate saline high-temp
                       deposits to classic ore classes



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