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Solution mining

Salt solution mining is the extraction of various salts, via dissolution, to create a purpose-built extraction or storage cavity. It requires pumping the brine liquor to the surface. There, the extracted brine can be concentrated or processed.


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  • 2525.01     Mining techniques
  • 2525.02     Residues and blinding
  • 2525.03     Operations & geology
  • 2525.04     Monitoring the system
  • 2525.05     Geological versus cultural

Metamorphosed evaporites

Evaporite salts can survive well into the metamorphic realm, but are altered, recrystallized or transformed into new minerals and brine solutions. And so, beyond the early greenschist phase, little of the original sedimentary mineral phase remains (except anhydrite), but scapolites. tourmalines, albitites, etc., do, along with various indicator textures.


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  • 2550.01     Metamorphism
  • 2550.02     Indicator minerals
  • 2550.03     Gems from brine
  • 2550.04     Case histories
  • 2550.05     Plate tectonic context in time

Tourmaline, Namibia

Salty geohazards

All evaporites tend to dissolve and, when salt beds or halokinetic masses are uplifted and approach the surface, the rate of this dissolution tends to increase considerably. Hence, salt in regions where it is mined, or used to create cavities for liquid or waste storage, can occasionally be susceptible to unexpected cavity enlargement, collapse and ground subsidence.


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  • 2575.01     Collapsing brinefields
  • 2575.02     Leaky oilfield wells
  • 2575.03     Leaky caverns
  • 2575.04     Safety issues
  • 2575.05     Solving the problem

Gallenoncourt, France




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