Modern saline lacustrine carbonates Field workshop (6 days)


Tufa mounds define the seep strandline of Sleaford Mere

Southern Australia offers a unique set of Holocene lacustrine and salina depositional systems that include 5 m thick modern dolomite units, mm-laminated organic rich stromatolites, microbialites, organic-rich sediments, proto-chert, tepee ridges, and a range of marine evaporites dominated by subaqueous gypsum succession up to 5 m thick.



• Understand the depositional and diagenetic significance of evaporite, limestone and dolomite textures across all scales (from core to reservoir)

• Understand the intimate controls that hydrology, biology and climate variations exert on the mineralogy and variety of textures and organic content found in these sediments

• Stable isotope characterisation (C and O) across these saline carbonates



Textures in a depositional and diagenetic frame across lacustrine carbonates and evaporites

How brine hydrology and geochemistry drive deposition and diagenesis

Ancient analogues, including the Green River Formation and sub-salt carbonates of the circum-Atlantic salt basins



Modern lacustrine Coorong carbonates.

Modern salina tepees, stromatolites and bedded subaqueous sulphates of Marion Lake region.

Thrombolites and tufa mounds in Sleaford Mere





ITINERARY (daily breakdown)

Day 0 Arrival in Adelaide

Check-in at Rydges-South Park, located Cnr West and South Tce Adelaide


Day 1 In-house lectures

Introduction to saline lacustrine and marine margin evaporites; Textures and hydrological associations. Hydrocarbon source rocks in saline systems


Day 2 Field visit to Coorong Lakes in Salt Creek region (SE of Adelaide)

Hydrologies and mineralogies in modern and ancient estuary/ barrier bar; lake geochemistry; Milne Lake; Pellet lake, protodolomite, yoghurt mud textures; tepees and capillary evaporation


Day 3 In-house lectures

Subaqueous and sabkha hydrologies and textures, marine versus nonmarine; stromatolites, tepees, cements and overprints as basin scale drawdown vs capillary recharge indicators


Day 4 Field visit to Marion Lake, Stenhouse Bay region, Yorke Peninsula

Marine geosystem models and sequence understanding over deep time in a plate tectonic framework


Day 5  (am lecture) (pm core library)

(am lecture) Officer Basin Geology; continental lacustrine (trona/shortite) versus sulphate and halite sabkha/pans

(pm core library) Cores from the Officer Basin will be studied


Day 6 Morning chartered flight depart Adelaide and fly to Port Lincoln (Sleaford Mere)

This is a full day with a morning overflight of the Coorong, Southern Yorke Peninsula, and Sleaford Mere (southern Eyre Peninsula) Mid morning to then land in Port Lincoln. Then we will board a chartered bus that will travel from airport to visit Sleaford Mere and then bring us back to Port Lincoln airport for an evening commercial flight back to Adelaide. we will then board a bus to take us back to Rydges Hotel.

Overnight at Rydges Hotel.


Day 7. Checkout of Rydges Hotel






COURSE breakdown AND costing

All participants will receive a digital copy of all course materials including a copy of Dr. Warren’ latest (2016) book on evaporites. In addition, hard copies of field course notes will be provided.


The course begins and ends at Rydges Hotel-South Park, Adelaide. All participants are responsible for their travel costs (airfares, taxi, bus etc.) in getting to and departing from Rydges-South Park.


Accommodation and Meals (based on Single room per participant)

Days 0-7;  Stay at Rydges South Park, downtown Adelaide, located at corner of West and South

Days 1-6; All meals and coffee breaks are catered and included in per participant costing


Flyover on Day 6, the cost is included in per participant costing


Logistics and Coordination

The workshop is taught and coordinated by Dr Warren and Dr. Ian Dyson and can include flyovers of the relevant areas to give participants a better understanding of the scale of the various systems and their formative eustacy and hydrologies.


When planning all workshops Client companies in conversation with Saltwork® can pick and choose field sites, lecture module topics, course length, and the inclusion of some or all flyovers. We aim to meet specific in-house training requirements, at all training levels from introductory to advanced.


What is more, with all field workshops situated in Australia, all field programs offer safe surrounds that cancel out any possibility of terrorist or criminal-related field incidents.



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