Saltworks offers two in-house training streams, one set of modules focuses on evaporites, the other on applied aspects of carbonate sedimentology. Both training streams are taught by Dr Warren and are composed of a series of inter-related modules (all course modules come with an accompanying set of hi-res digital notes and a complete copy of Dr. Warren's latest book). Client companies can pick and choose from all the modules (half-day for each module) to meet specific in-house training requirements, at all training levels from introductory to advanced.





Evaporites (download course catalogue)

• Deposition & diagenesis (more)

• Fluid evolution (more)

• Basins, tectonics and time (more)

• Vanished salts, processes and texture (more)

• Salt tectonics, halokinesis (more)

• Oil and Gas reservoirs (more)

• Petroleum source rocks (more)

• Potash  (more)

       -brine extraction techniques


       -mining problems

• Non-potash salt & brine commodities (more)

       -sodic salts (soda-ash, salt-cake, NaCl)


       -lithium brines

• Base and precious metal deposits (more)

       -sediment-hosted stratiform Cu (SSC)

       -lead and zinc (SedEx and MVT)

       -high-temperature ore (IOCG and VHS)

• Solution mining (more)

• Metamorphosed evaporites (more)

• Salty geohazards and risk minimization (more)

Carbonates (download course catalogue)

• What defines a carbonate sediment? (more)

• Diagenetic evolution (more)

• Porosity & permeability quantification (more)

• Carbonate geosystems across time (more)

• Dolomitization (more)

• Wireline interp. & why it is different (more)

• Seismic attributes of carbonates (more)

• Carbonate reservoirs and seals (more)

• Sequence stratigraphy (more)

• Reef and platform plays in SE Asia (more)

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