Saltworks offers field workshops focused on evaporite in modern and ancient settings in southern Australia. Aspects of the modern and ancient can be combined if the client wishes.


One set of workshops (lectures and site visits) is designed to facilitate either an understanding of analogues for ancient sub-salt lacustrine carbonate reservoirs by a detailed study of  dolomites, stromatolites, tufas and organic rich limestones forming  in the modern Holocene saline systems of the Coorong, Marion Lake and Sleaford Mere regions.


The other set of workshops (lectures, core study and field site visits) are conducted in various various modern and ancient outcrops across southern Australia but focused on halokinetic features in the Flinders Ranges. There outcrops allow one to understand the 3 dimensional nature of salt tectonic geometries and textures. The Flinders Ranges offer what is probably the best outcrop analog to the nature of salt tectonics in the circum-Atlantic salt basins, the Zechstein Basin, including the North Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico.


Both field course streams are taught by Dr Warren and Dr. Ian Dyson and can include flyovers of the relevant areas to give participants a better understanding of the scale of the various systems and their formative tectonics and/or hydrologies.


When planning the field course, Client companies in conversation with Saltwork® can pick and choose field sites, lecture module topics, course length, and the inclusion of some or all flyovers. We aim to meet specific in-house training requirements, at all training levels from introductory to advanced.


What is more, with all field workshops situated in Australia, so compared to many other location in the world our field programs are conducted in safe surrounds with minimal likelihood of terrorist or criminal-related field incidents.

Field workshops across modern and ancient saline systems

Lake Inneston

subaqueous gypsum mounds



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