We offer a comprehensive GIS DATABASE (download information brochure) that captures shapefiles, plot-points and references and summarise all economic aspects of evaporite systems for the oil and gas and minerals industries.


On payment, the complete cross-referenced digital dataset is sent to the client in a format suitable for loading into Arcinfo and Mapinfo.


Data in this digital  resource is extracted from a huge multi-disciplinary knowledge set. A summary illustrating  the breadth of this knowledge set can be accessed through the Geosystem link.

Examples of Saltwork outputs:

The associated references, along with embedded data is supplied in an Endnote® bibliographic file supplied with a PC or Mac installer for the software. The installed copy is a demo version of the Endnote® software, Files can be exported at all times from all datasets, but if the client wishes to add new files beyond the 30 day trial period a full copy of the Endnote® must be purchased,


Current version is SaltWork version 1.9.


Contact us for further details on content and database pricing.

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