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Evaporite sediments  play multiple roles in the formation of giant hydrocarbon and mineral accumulations, as do their more thermally evolved metamorphic daughter products. And yet, the level of relevant knowledge that encompass the reasons and mechanisms, which control these highly important economic associations, is not as high as it should be. Saltwork Consultants Pte. Ltd,. through its various consultancy, training and comprehensive GIS data sets, offers rapid and comprehensive solutions.

Saltwork offers multi-disciplinary consultancy services to our clients in the global resources industry. Services cover all aspects  from project generation, to exploration, evaluation development, operations, training and corporate advice.


Saltwork offers a GIS-based  database that captures all aspects of the multitude of salt and brine-related commodities in the resources industries.

Saltwork understands the diverse needs of our clients and offers a wide range of targeted "in-house" training programs in group or individual settings, and will  tailor courses to ensure that the client's needs are met.

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