Expertise in saline geosystems

Consulting, data access and training

We offer professional expertise across saline geosystems, general and client-focused databases, consultancy services, and in-house training. All our services focus on economic aspects of evaporite sediments. We work successfully with oil companies and mining companies across all aspects of surface and subsurface geology, brine evolution, core study, seismic interpretation, site and project evaluation, .

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We offer geo-consultancy services in all matters evaporitic to both the minerals and petroleum industries. We have a proven track record of quality, reliability and client focus. Satisfied past clients include BHP Billiton, BHP Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon, Fortescue Metals, Statoil, Santos, MMG, Nexen and others. Contact us for the appropriate salty solution.

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Practical skills for explorers focused on the products of evaporite and saline brine interactions. Do your geoscientists have the skills and appropriate knowledge that is genuinely useful in such systems? We offer in-house and field-based training programs that can be focused on a specific commodity or problem your company is interested in.

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The SaltWork database version 1.9 is offered commercially as a modular GIS compilation. It is a digital compilation of the distribution of basin areas (shapefiles) and point plots of the world's evaporites (including halite anhydrite, potash oil, gas, base and precious metal geodata). Each commodity module comes with a detailed literature base.

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In-house expertise across a range of topics in saline geosystems can be freely accessed through the geosystems web pages, news updates and in monthly articles published in Salty Matters. We offer you a sampling of our larger saline knowledge base via the Saline Geosystems pages. You can also sign up to receive each new Salty Matters article.